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Thursday 1st September 2022
Artist Demonstration
Charcoal Portraits
Mick McNicholas

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Warsash Art Group has now resumed its normal programme of face-to-face monthly evening meetings after eighteen months out of action due to Covid-19 pandemic and its knock-on effects. The Annual Exhibition will be back at Warsash Victory Hall in August after a two year absence (see News Page). The weekend art and craft fair in November 2021, also at Warsash Victory Hall, was very successful and a repeat is planned this November. We run informal paint as you please untutored classes at Sarisbury Green Community Centre on Wednesday afternoons. The tutored Tuesday classes will be back up and running once we find a new tutor. Kay Le Poidevin, who tutored classes for our Group for decades retired in spring 2022. 

Updates for members are on our News page. 

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Our monthly evening meetings in St. Mary's Church Hall, Church Road, Warsash SO31 9GF on the first Thursday of each month, except January and August. They include talks and demonstrations by practicing artists and professionals in art and related fields. Visitors and guests are welcome at these meetings for a small entry fee (£3 per person). Our members come from a wide area of south Hampshire - they include some professional artists, but most are enthusiastic amateurs and art lovers.  

The Group welcomes everyone who are 18y and over. Subscriptions are due on 1st April each year. Now £20 per person for the full year, £10 from September 2021 up to including 31st March 2022. Join Us.

Our existence is entirely dependent on volunteers so we strongly encourage our Members to play an active part in the running of the Group if they can. They don't necessarily need to join the Committee, but there are several key roles we need to fill urgently for the Group to continue running. By March 2023 we will need a new Membership Secretary. We need a Secretary now to undertake the Group's admin, including taking minutes at the AGM and Committee meetings; a newsletter editor and someone to keep members up to date by email. It would be great to have more more volunteers who feel confident with using modern digital technology (tech), including using it to sending bulk emails and file attachments to Members, improving our website, social media. Because of the increasing costs of printing and mailing paper documents, we now send out everything by email, including key documents such as Membership and Exhibition Entry forms.  We're all know tech can be intimidating and are well aware modern life is very busy and complicated, but if you can offer us you time and energy, we'd really appreciate it. Especially now many of the people who have volunteered up to now, in some cases for many years at a time, are no longer able do so. Some of them would like to but are getting older now and / or have too many work and family commitments. 

Warsash Art Group was founded in 1958 with the aim of furthering members' interest in the visual arts. The paintings, 3D art and craft work displayed at our Annual Exhibitions in August, at Warsash Victory Hall, SO31 9HW, has always been of a high standard,demonstrating the growing talent within the Group. 

Our logo pictured relates to the lobster trade in our area of the south coast in years past. 

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