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September 2021 Updates 


Next Evening Meeting – Heather Jolliffe – Seascape in Watercolour – St. Mary’s Church Hall, Thursday 7th October 7.00pm for 7.30pm

Evening meetings programme Clair Clark has organised what will Warsash Art Group’s first face-to-face evening artist demonstration since February 2020. Heather Jolliffe will be doing a seascape related demo in watercolours. For a taster of her work, visit her website to get a https://heatherjolliffeartist.com/home .

This is her artist profile:  https://www.britishcontemporary.art/heather-jolliffe/ .

She was born in the New Forest and draws her inspiration for much of her work from the surrounding area.

As usual at all these meetings, please sign in when you arrive at the hall. Tea / coffee refreshments during the interval.


The Haven Artists at Victory Hall

 The Haven Artistes are a group that meets at Catisfield Memorial Hall once a month to paint whichever topic they have decided on for that month (or work on your own pictures if prefer). It is £20 for 5 hours from 11am to 4pm refreshments included where possible (bring own lunch). Tutor: Rachel Bayliss.  Anyone interested can contact Jane Johnson. 


Tuesday Classes at St. Mary’s Church Hall tutored by Kay Le Poidevin resumed on 21st September:

Tuesday 21st September – 23rd November, 10 weeks.

Morning 10.30am – 12.30pm , Afternoon 1.30pm – 3.30pm. Term fee £65 each.

Thank you to the twenty-six members who have signed up for classes, enabling them to run for the first time since the pandemic hit eighteen months ago. Kay will be retiring as their tutor at the end of this The Committee are seeking new tutors for next year. Thank you to John Meads for organising these. If you are a member of Warsash Art Group and have any questions about these classes, please get in touch with him. To come to our tutored and untutored classes you will need to be a member of Warsash Art Group. Join Us. Subscriptions from now up to and including 31st March 2022 are £10 per person.


Paint-as-you-please on Wednesday Afternoons -  1.00pm - 3.00pm, Sarisbury Green Community Centre, main hall, £25 per person per ten week term, payable to Warsash Art Group, plus £1 per person for Associate Membership of Sarisbury Green Community Centre. Tea / coffee refreshments 20p per week. These resumed on 15th September for ten weeks at the new venue. Thank you to our Tina Shaw who now organises these and for securing the new venue after we needed to move from the Parish Rooms. She tells me 17 people are now signed up. 

Doreen has re-joined the Committee as of last night’s AGM and has kindly offered to help with me with the Group’s admin. I believe she intends to attend on Tuesday afternoons. I know some of you have tried to phone John this week but he’s been unavailable.


Autumn Art Fair - 20th and 21st of November - Warsash Victory Hall

Thank you to everyone who has already contacted Barbara Chambers to book a table. Each artist and crafter taking part will be entirely responsible setting up their display, stewarding it and taking their sales money over the weekend, and dismantling their display / taking their work home when the show closes on the Sunday afternoon. Please note that due to the logistics involved, WAG’s display boards won’t be available for use. Therefore, if you intend to show pictures, you will need to find some way of displaying them at / around you table, e.g... on an easel / display stand.  If you have cards, bring a suitable box, or preferably a card rack. Table fees to be decided. The go-ahead is of course dependent on the Covid and other national issues  come November. If you're a member of Warsash Art Group, want to take part and haven't already contacted Barbara, please do so from Monday 4th October. 


Annual General Meeting 2021 - 2nd September - St. Mary's Church Hall

Normally, Warsash Art Group's AGM is on the first Thursday evening in March but it had to be postponed due to the lockdown last winter and varying degrees of restrictions through to July. This was the first indoor event of any kind organised by the Group since March 2020. Thank you to everyone (just over 30 people) who attended or sent their apologies for absence. There will be a report on proceedings in due course, but the Chairman, Chris Francis said that it had been a sad and very difficult year-and-a-half for the Group due the pandemic and its knock-on effects.  As Jane Johnson, our former Treasurer has had to stand down due to health issues, he emphasised the desperate need for a Treasurer. Without one Warsash Art Group would be forced to begin winding down, and possibly discontinuing next year. f that were to happen after running for over 60 years, that would be very sad. As far as I'm aware, there is no similar art groups between Fareham and Southampton and I know several groups have discontinued during the past ten years for want of people willing and available to keep them running. Joan Lee described the admin she has been doing behind the scenes, including her attempts to keep the Group running online, maintaining members' interests online while we have been out of action. She has stepped down as Secretary and is continuing as an Ordinary Committee member until the next AGM. Meantime, she said she needed to cut back because she was  finding more and more difficult to give this the time needed. Thank you to Doreen Gregson, a Life Member of the Group thanks to her previous long service has returned to the Committee to assist her. Unlocking as restrictions were gradually lifted during 2021 has been more complicated than expected, with lots of loose ends to deal with. As someone who has doesn't like changes of plan at the best of times, the Covid-related uncertainties were especially unsettling.  Though she has enjoyed working at home and feels relatively confident using digital technology, that has not been the case for all our members. Last summer one of them described using / getting to grips with virtual artist demonstrations and meetings as "like walking on the Moon". Not being able to meet in person, was also a factor in the difficult decision to cancel the Annual Exhibition in August for the second year running. There are also gaps on the Exhibition Team, now headed by Mike Ryde. We apologise to everyone who saw our entry in the Hampshire Open Studios booklet, thought it was happening, only to have a wasted journey to Victory Hall. We also now have the challenge of resuming our normal programme with a tight budget, therefore it is vital that non of our activities run at a loss. If there is anyone out there who is able to play an active part in keeping the Group running - most urgently as Treasurer, we would love to hear from you. Contact Us


St. Mary’s Warsash  - A Festival of Flowers 10th – 12th September 

The joint vicars, Revds. Nicky-Sue and Mike Terry at St Mary's Warsash were delighted to see Warsash Art Group Members who came the Festival at St. Mary's Church Hall celebrating the 150th anniversary of the consecration of the church. They were very pleased with the positive response to the call out for artwork to display at the small exhibition in the hall over the weekend. Among those offering pictures were:  John Meads, Imogen Phillips, Tina Shaw and Joan Lee. Mike Ryde (Exhibitions & Logistics) is assisted with setting up the display on 8th September, using some of our exhibition screens. The vicars send our Group their blessings, especially to those of you who have had a difficult time one way and another over the past eighteen months. Festival poster produced by the team at St. Mary's Warsash is shown here.

August 2021 Updates 

Please scroll down to the relevant section of this page, or click on the links.


Warsash Art Group Annual General Meeting - Thursday 2nd September, St. Mary's Church Hall, Warsash, 7.00pm for 7.30pm 

Please attend if you can. It's your chance as a member of Warsash Art Group to have your say regarding the future of this Group. Our continued existence is dependent particularly on us finding a new Treasurer and the a more general need to fill key roles. During the past couple of years, several of our Committee members have stepped down due to work and family commitments and / or health issues. The cancellation of our Annual Exhibtion for the second year running (normally on in August) has been as much for want of a full team of people making it happen as Covid restrictions disrupting its planning which normally begins in January.  

This is the Letter to Members saying more about it this. It went out by email on 30th July. If you are a member and have not received it, please contact the Secretary.


Outdoor painting and sketching day at Holly Hill Woodland Park, Wednesday 11th August 10.00am onwards

Directions to the venue - Holly Hill Woodland Park, 123 Barnes Lane, Sarisbury Green, Southampton SO31 7BH (located between Sarisbury Green and Warsash). From Park Gate, take the A27 Bridge Road towards Swanwick and the Hamble River, turning left into Barnes Lane at Sarisbury Green. Follow this road, passing the Holly Hill Leisure Centre on your left, until you see a signpost for Holly Hill Woodland Park which is located just a short distance further on the right. 

Where and when to meet - In the main car park off Barnes Lane for 10.00 am. 

Formerly part of a large nineteenth century estate, Holly Hill Woodland Park is an area of late-Victorian landscaped parkland surrounded by mature woodland. A popular local nature reserve, it is currently bring restored to its former glory. The site has two distinctive areas: 

• Winnards Copse - the original ornamental landscape with artificial lakes and waterfalls as well as a Grotto, and

• Cawtes Copse - the native woodland, rich in wildlife 

The river Hamble can be reached by a short ramble through the woodland. 

Facilities at this location:

• Large car park on site in Barnes Lane

• Toilets located in the main car park

• Picnic tables and benches around the site

• Much of the Park is accessible, although there are some steep slopes

• A One Stop mini supermarket at Sarisbury Green, plus the Holly Hill Convenience Store further along Barnes Lane on the left 

And don't forget ... 

• This is a public outside place where there shouldn’t be any national Covid restrictions in place in August, but please continue to give people space and be aware of other people around you as you settle into your drawing / painting.

• Painting and sketching materials

• Water and a packed lunch

• Any portable stool or seat

• Camera for taking reference photos

• Sun hat and suncream 

The above summary draws on information available at the Fareham Borough Council website, under 'Leisure/Discover Fareham'. Look there to find more details about the location and its accessibility. A map of the Woodland Park can also be downloaded from the website.


2021 Outdoor Painting and Sketching Galleries

Holly Hill Woodland Park - 11th August

Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum - 29th July

Lee-on-the-Solent - 8th July

St. Mary's Warsash Spring 2021

Joan Lee's Sketches at Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum 2011-18

St. Mary’s Church 150th Anniversary

Revd Nicky-Sue Terry, the joint vicar at St. Mary’s Warsash, has been delighted with the response to my call out to WAG members to paint and draw the church during this anniversary year. The front cover of the July edition of the Warsash Parish News  features the wonderful drawing Tina Shaw produced from her sketches. August's cover features Joan Lee's mixed media painting done in the churchyard in April, with further work back home. Printed copies of Warsash Parish News are available from Warsash One Stop-cum-Post Office for 45p each they and can  be downloaded from the St. Mary’s website if you register: https://www.stmarywarsash.org.uk/parish-news/

The church was consecrated in 1871. There will be a flower festival in the church on the weekend of the anniversary of its consecration, 10th – 12th September, with some artwork hanging in the church hall. More information about the anniversary celebrations on the St.Mary’s Warsash website:


This is Imogen Phillips’ sketch, 26th May.

Gallery of members sketches at St. Mary's Warsash Spring 2021

Linda Amor on Plein Air Painting and Sketching


View along the shore, Lee-on-the-Solent, 8th July, Linda Amor

I experienced my first outdoor painting and sketching day late in life. About half an hour in I wondered why on earth I had waited so long. The day was an oasis of relaxation and sheer enjoyment, taking time to sit and observe my surroundings and to find artistic inspiration in them. I produced some of my best sketching work that day, so absorbed was I in finding good subjects; choosing my materials - some of which I'd had for decades but never used before - and taking on the challenge of interpreting what I saw and capturing it as a visual memory.


 And so it is for these and many other good reasons (such as meeting with and learning from other WAG members) that I would urge you to join in one - or all! - of these outdoor painting and sketching events planned for this Summer.

Whether you're a keen landscape painter or someone fascinated by scenes of urban life; an artist drawn to seascapes, or one interested in sketching interesting artefacts in detail, these outdoors days cater for all tastes.

All days will be informal and untutored. Just sign up; turn up and stay for as long as you like. In addition, all are taking place locally, minimising travel and maximising the painting and sketching time available.

Why not come and look with new eyes at what could well already be familiar places?

Image: Linda Amor's sketch of beach huts at Lee-on-the-Solent, 8th July 2021

2021 Outdoor painting and sketching gallery 



St. Mary’s Church 150th Anniversary

Revd Nicky-Sue Terry, the joint vicar at St. Mary’s Warsash, has been delighted with the response to my call out to WAG members to paint and draw the church during this anniversary year. The front cover of the July edition of the Warsash Parish News  features the wonderful drawing Tina Shaw produced from her sketches. Look out later this summer for more of our members artwork. Printed copies of Warsash Parish News are available from Warsash One Stop-cum-Post Office for 45p each they and can  be downloaded from the St. Mary’s website if you register: https://www.stmarywarsash.org.uk/parish-news/

The church was consecrated in 1871. There will be a flower festival in the church on the weekend of the anniversary of its consecration, 10th – 12th September, with some artwork hanging in the church hall. More information about the anniversary celebrations on the St.Mary’s Warsash website:


This is Imogen Phillips’ sketch, 26th May.

Gallery of members sketches at St. Mary's Warsash Spring 2021


 Members' News - Rob Trent Mouth Painter

Image here: "At the End of the Tunnel" - painted in oils by Rob Trent as lockdown restrictions in England began to be lifted in the early spring. 

The links below go to time-lapse videos of him painting in his new studio. He has been a member of Warsash Art Group since 2018 and has attended Kay LePoidevin's Tuesday classes. He is also a full member of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA). When he is not painting, he's AccessAdvisr which reviews the accessibility, and otherwise, of many places around the world to people with disabilities. 

For more, please subscribe and share his art and access content on his You Tube and Instagram channels:

Instagram @robtmfpa https://www.instagram.com/robtmfpa/

On You Tube: Tour of the new art studio 


Bournemouth - a tonal study

Funky Zebra

Bluebell Woods


 News Updates 19th March - 6th April 2021

Image: "Early Spring" Jan Milsom, acrylic, 2021

Next Online Demonstration - Thursday 8th April 6.30pm for 7.00pm

Ronnie Ireland - The Humble Pencil


Ronnie says, “ I’ve only got a pencil -  Never overlook the humble pencil - it’s our best friend! Different types of pencil, different techniques for different reasons from quick sketches to larger scale finished works, the pencil can do them all!”


A Zoom invite went out to our Members by email on 31st March, and again after Easter on 6th April. Ronnie will be hosting the meeting and will begin his demonstration at 7.00pm. People will be able to join from 6.30pm onwards meaning there'll be a good half hour to welcome everyone, pass on any messages and to sort out any technical glitches. During the demo, we ask everyone to mute their mics and also turn off their videos and ask any questions via Chat (text only)This is to conserve bandwidth and avoid connectivity issues. Ronnie will record the demo' for those unable to watch live and / or would like to watch it again. To enable WAG to waive subscriptions this year to everyone who joined in 2020, we need to charge a small joining fee to cover Ronnie’s £150 fee for the evening. Details about how to pay were included in the emails. Ronnie's booking is thanks to Clair Clark, our current organiser of artist demonstrations and talks. Her predecessor Jane Moody booked him to give this demonstration at St. Mary’s Church a year ago, but then the first Covid-19 lockdown happened. Visit Ronnie’s website to see his artwork - https://www.ronnieirelandart.com


Image above: Phil Rogers - Beyond Parody - watercolour (2021)


Members' Questionnaire 

On 19th March a short questionnaire went out to members, about how and when we might be able to return to our normal face-to-face events assuming the Government’s timetable is still on track come the summer. Thank you to everyone who replied with their responses. They indicate support for a virtual AGM / EGM. The Committee will see if they can organise this as electing a new Committee is overdue and we still need people to come forward and continue to keep this Group running. It seems our members generally feel more confident about resuming physically distanced face-to-face activities (evening meetings and classes) now most of them have had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. It remains difficult to plan amid the continuing uncertainty about how things will pan out as the year goes on. For now, we've pencilled in dates for resuming classes in late June and / or September. The Committee will need to agree when they next meet in May but whether the classes run or not, will depend on enough people signing up to them to cover all the expenses involved.

There seems to be less support for the untutored Wednesday painting sessions in Sarisbury Green now which have until now enabled our members to meet and paint as friendly informal vibe prevails.


St.Mary's Warsash 150th Anniversary 

2021 is the 150th anniversary of its consecration of the Church so the vicars are looking at how to celebrate the building. They plan to hold a flower festival and some services around the actual date in September. In the meantime: a call-out for paintings and sketches to feature on the front cover of Warsash Parish News and possibly an art exhibition at the church in 2022. Revd Nicky-Sue Terry says that our members are welcome to paint and sketch in the churchyard now (early April 2021) and, when Covid-19 restrictions ease further, indoors. Please follow government social distancing guidelines and wear a face mask when inside the building. 

Copies of the Warsash Parish News can be downloaded from the St. Mary's website and paper copies have been back in production since last September. They should be available to buy from the One Stop - Post Office in Warsash Road. The cover of the  January 2021 issue features a line drawing of the church by the late Paul Cope, a former WAG Chairman. February’s issue has a watercolour. Revd Nicky-Sue is also trying to track down three artists whose paintings/ drawings hang in the St. Mary’s Church Hall building, with a view to getting their permission to photograph and reproduce them in the WPN.

  • Does anyone here know, and know where to contact: LS Smith (watercolour, no date); M. Robson or Barry Davis (line drawing, 2004)? Please contact Nicky-Sue (see the above website) if you do. 

The vicars and their staff are also looking forward to our eventual return to Thursday evening meetings and Tuesday classes in the hall. 

St. Mary's Warsash https://www.stmarywarsash.org.uk/


Other Arty Happenings 

Garrowby Hill via Fareham - this link goes to a piece about Fareham Art Group's winter lockdown painting project, written by Warsash and Fareham member Carole Jarman



WAG Year 2021/22 




Image: Hilary Hemingway - "Tanglewood"


Under normal circumstances Warsash Art Group’s 2021  Annual General Meeting would be this Thursday but due to the Covid situation, it is postponed. In its place,  the following documents were sent out to Members today (3 emails):

A/ Contacts 2021/22 – Today 1st March  – sent separately as pdf file attachment with Email 2 of 3

B/ AGM-related documents: Reports from the Chairman and other Committee Members – Today 1st March, email 3 of 3, with pdf attachment

Last year’s AGM Minutes (5th March 2020) – today 1st March, with pdf attachment. The links here go to copies of these documents, but with all personal details removed for privacy reasons.

 When available:

3/ Treasurer’s Report / Accounts when available

4/ Membership Renewal Forms for everyone who did not renew in 2020 – form as pdf file attachment

If you're a member of our Group but the contents of A/ and/or B/ don’t reach you or you have any comments or questions, please email the Secretary. 


News Update 18th January - 2021 

Sunlight over the Salute, Venice.  A two-hour watercolour painting demo by artist Cecil Rice

Thursday 4th February, 7.00pm-9.00pm via Zoom - Invite and Information

An email went out to Members on Monday 18th January with full details, including a Zoom invite link to join the meeting. If you have not received this email please email Joan via her gmail address or Warsash Art Group's address. If you a member of Warsash Art Group who has not given us your email address and would like to participate in this event, please use get in touch via the Contact tab here. I’ll resend this link to Members a few days before the demo. Some of you may already be well acquainted with the Zoom app, and already have it installed on your device. If you’re new to it, I’d strongly recommend that installing it and trying it out during the next fortnight. Download it via this link, or go to the App Store on your device.


He is going to record the demo and make it available for up to a month afterwards, for anyone who is unable to watch live on the night, or for anyone wanting to view it again. He will make it available via his Google drive a few days after the demo. If you watch live, or the recording at least once, please let one of us know so that we can gauge members’ interest. Programme Organiser Clair Clark has arranged this for the Group and it is being funded from our bank account. Therefore we’d like to have as many members watching as possible and would appreciate your feedback. If it is well supported, we will consider booking another virtual demonstration in the early spring.

Image: Cecil Rice

News Update 4th January 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope  you’re all safe and well and were able to celebrate Christmas in some way, even though things were very different and unsettled this time. Myself and the Committee now wish you all a happy and healthy new year and look forward to resuming our normal programme or face-to-face activities when we can. Because the Covid situation has meant that we’ve been unable to meet since last March, subscriptions for the year 2021/22, due on 1st April,  will be free to everyone who renewed in 2020 (about 120 Members).

Festive cards, arts and crafts – winner and runners up

Thank you to everyone who sent me images of their Christmas cards and paintings and to everyone who voted. The votes are now in and I’m pleased to announce the winners and the two runners up:

Winner – Heather Jay for her Painting Winter in the Forest (the stag above) (28 points)

1st Runner Up – Kay Le Poidevin for her painting of a highland cow with bells and holly on the left antler (24 points)

2nd Runner Up – Chris Lewis for her puffin in the snow, a card for her sister (21 points)

They will all be receiving vouchers from Hobbycraft which can be spent online or in their stores (once they reopen). 23 people voted, mainly by email. I gave 3 points to top choices, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd. There were ten entries and everyone had votes. All the entries are still viewable on the Gallery pages of our website: the first ten images.


They are also on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WarsashArtGroup

And our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/782669058956129­­

Date for Your Diary – Thursday 4th February 2021 - 7.00 – 9.00pm – Zoom Demonstration with Cecil Rice

A reminder about the above online artist demonstration, booked for Members by Clair Clark, our Evening Meetings Programme Organiser. He will be painting a Venice Scene in watercolour. It will be free for paid-up Members to watch and the first event we’ve organised since last March. Please for now put the above date and time in the diary and support it on the night. More details to follow later in January. ­

I’ll continue to keep Members up to date by email and shortened versions of these new updates can be found on the News pages of our website (contact details and other personal information omitted). They may be useful to Members who have not provided the Group with an email address.  If you are in touch any of them, you may like to point them in that direction.


Arty Happenings Online

This is a link to Rob Trent’s latest You Tube video showing his seascapes and other paintings of a watery theme. Rob has been a member of WAG for nearly three years and was recently elected a full member of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painters.


Scene Through Wood: A Century of Modern Wood Engraving


This is a virtual overview of the exhibition curated by printmaker / wood engraver Anne Desmet RA RE SWE in 2020. It was held at the Ashmolean in Oxford for three months from August. It was due to come to St. Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Lymington from mid-January It is due to run there until 13th March so it may still be possible to see it live, in Hampshire if lockdown restrictions ease before then. I was sorry to miss this one last year as one of the engravers selected for the show was John Bryce RE SWE, a full member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, and the father of your Secretary. Other SWE members living in the Hampshire area include Kate Dicker, Garrick Palmer and Maggie Storm. More about the show and images of work by their members on the Society of Wood Engraver’s website



News Updates December 2020


4th February 2021 7-9pm - Save the Date!

Good news: Evening Meetings Programme Organiser has booked a virtual artist demonstration, via Zoom, with Cecil Rice. He will be painting a Venice Scene in watercolour. It will be free for paid-up Members to watch and the first event we’ve organised since last March. Please for now put the above date and time in the diary and support it on the night. More details to follow in the new year.

Festive Competition

Thank you to everyone who sent me images of their festive themed cards / pictures / craft work so far. I’m taking entries until Friday, 18th December. Send them by email to me: warsashartgroup@hotmail.com or waterwayfarer@gmail.com You can then vote for your favourite until Sunday 3rd January. I’ll announce the winner and send out vouchers to the top three shortly after that. Vote by emailing me, giving the entry number of your top three choices, or do similarly via the Warsash Art Group Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/782669058956129 or our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WarsashArtGroup When all the entries are in, there will be a post there with images of all the entries. The Gallery on our Website will be reordered, to show the festive entries first. 


Our Venues for classes and evening meetings

The good news from St. Mary’s Church Hall, Warsash is our slots for Thursday evenings and daytime tutored Tuesday classes are secured for our eventual return once Covid-19 guidelines allow.

For the untutored sessions which I understand have taken place at Sarisbury Green since the 1980s, organiser Aniska Ballingall is currently seeking possible alternative venues to Sarisbury Green Parish Rooms. The Committee there have done everything they can to fit in fairly the various groups who have met there until now, but the only time which might be available during the week next year is 4.00-6.00pm on Thursdays. This is still non-ideal: congestion and parking hassle during the afternoon-early evening rush hour. Tight timing before monthly Thursday evening demonstrations at St. Mary’s Church Hall; timing would be tight and Aniska isn’t free then. If anyone is interested in that time and can organise, please let Aniska or myself know.

Help Wanted to Keep the Group Running 

Warsash Art Group continues to operate online next year online or can meet in person, we will need more members to play and active part in keeping the Group running. That includes taking on key roles, including a new Treasurer. For various reasons, several people on the current committee have found it increasingly difficult to continue where they are. Therefore they are standing down as of now or are seriously considering doing so early next year. Joan Lee intends to continue as Secretary for 2021, but could use some assistance in some areas at the busiest times of year (March - June and summer exhibition time). If anyone can assist her, that would be good. Is there anyone out there who might be able to help as Facebook as admins or moderators to better keep everything up to date?  We'll more early next year, but if you can help the Group in any way it would be greatly appreciated.


Warsash Art Group and Covid-19

As it says on our homepage, Warsash Art Group's programme of events remains suspended. Both St. Mary's Church Hall, Sarisbury Green Parish Rooms and Warsash Victory Hall were closed from the middle of March, during the spring national lockdown and much of the summer in line with government guidelines. Our programme will resume when the Committee can be confident that it can do so safely and fairly, especially as many our members are at high risk from Covid-19. 

We were able to hold one evening meeting on 6th February: a wildlife painting demonstration and talk by Pip McGarry who judged our 2019 Annual Exhibition. It proved very popular and attracted new members. Our Annual General meeting was on 5th March and attendance was well down on usual, reflecting the very the understandable and growing anxiety about the Covid-19 threat in the UK and abroad.  The rest is history. In late April, our Chairman also made the difficult decision of cancelling our 62nd Annual Exhibition which was due to have taken place during the last four days of August. We hope to hold it during the equivalent week in 2021 and the Victory Hall has been booked. Getting up and running again will depend not only on when the halls can reopen but also whether or not social distancing and Covid-safe hygiene is practical. In the meantime, I (Joan the Secretary) have encouraged our members to share artwork they have created at home this year on the Gallery pages of this website (all labelled 2020). See also Facebook - Warsash Art Group and Instagram #warsashartgroup . Here (left) is Kay Le Poidevin's painting of Hill Head Harbour in watercolour and gouache and an oil painting of lilies by Rob Trent. 











2019 Annual Exhibition

The show began with the Preview evening on Wednesday 14th August, where the show was opened by the Mayor of Fareham. Our poster artist this year was WAG member Rachael Brown, with her fused glass art. The Mayor's Choice for painting was awarded to Alan Akerman for "Brollies" - the Mayor said it made him smile. The Judge was wildlife painter Pip McGarry. His Judge's Choice was Pink Ferry painted by Susan Page. Alan Akerman's Trafalgar Bound was Highly Commended. Heather Jay's pendants won the Judge's Choice for 3D work and Michael Conduit's wood turned Small Indoor Plant Tub was Highly Commended. Both the Mayor and Judge praised the high level of talent evident among our Group by artists who do not necessarily have any formal training in painting or artwork more generally; but have instead acquired their skills from informal art courses, classes and belonging to groups such as this one. Pip McGarry was impressed with the wide variety of styles and genres and found it so hard to choose his favourite picture that, before announcing his final choice, he gave his longlist (of 23 pictures) and shortlist (of 5). Alan Akerman's historical marine painting Trafalgar Bound was the visitors' favourite and Steve Phelps's Electric Guitar was the visitors' favourite on the 3D art and craft table. The Victory Hall is already booked for 2020, during Hampshire Open Studios week. Preparations are already underway. All Warsash Art Group members can exhibit and there's no selection. If you are planning to put work into the show, please think about how you can help out while the show is on, including stewarding and helping set up / dismantle the screens etc at the start and finish.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WarsashArtGroup/

Instagram #warsashartgroup




All Content on this news page produced by Joan Lee unless otherwise stated on behalf of Warsash Art Group