Warsash Art Group's Newsletter

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Our Newsletter is published four times a year. Since February 2013 they have been available on-line in PDF format.

From the list (right) of the available newsletters, simply click on the date of the newsletter you are interested in. You can read it online, print it or download it.

Our Newsletters are now available on-line in PDF format. They should build up into a pretty impressive archive as time goes by ! To read / download a news letter just click its' date in the list below.

News Update 2nd Dec 2020
News Update 13th Dec 2020
February 2020 Newsletter

Your browser should be able to read PDFs without any problem. If it complains that it cannot find a program or 'extension' or 'plugin' to read PDFs then you will have to download a PDF reader from the internet. This is a good one.